Welcome to Thuri-no-Gwennam, or “The World Between.” The setting for the “Chains of Fire” DnD 4e campaign, Thuri-no-Gwennam is a world filled with darkness and the struggle of good against evil. In these latter days, though, it seems that evil might be triumphing: seers are having strange, horrific visions, and strange events have occurred that some are whispering to be omens. At the very least, some people think that a god or gods is displeased; some dread that it may even be the end of the world.

There are no vast, mighty kingdoms, no empires of the great races. Nurath, the bright empire of humanity, has fallen into disrepair and is a shadow of its former self in the west of the continent. In the south and north, savage creatures stir. Within the boundaries of civilized lands, cults of demons, evil gods, and even mysterious Far Realm entities are growing in power and influence, egged on by what they believe to be the coming of the End. It is a world teetering on a knife edge.

Are you ready to come in?

Chains of Fire